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Hospice societies provide emotional, social, practical, spiritual, grief, and bereavement support and care, to enhance quality of life and maintain dignity for those living with or affected by life-limiting illness or death.  Click here for a more detailed description.

Hospice societies provide support and care for people living with life-limiting illness and for people at the end of life, as well as family, friends and others affected by someone’s life-limiting illness or death. These societies also provide support and care for people experiencing bereavement and those who are grieving. The support and care offered by hospice societies aims to enhance quality of life and provide comfort, while maintaining people’s dignity. Hospice societies provide emotional, social, practical, spiritual, and grief and bereavement supports. Hospice societies use a whole-person approach that is person and family-centered. Their support and care are provided with compassion and recognize and respect the diverse aspects of a person’s identity and culture. Specially trained staff and volunteers deliver this support and care in a variety of settings, including the person’s home, longterm care facilities, assisted living facilities, hospice facilities or residences, hospitals, virtual platforms, or other community locations. Hospice societies are part of a broader system of formal and informal supports. In British Columbia, the services hospice societies provide and the way they provide them can vary, depending on which community they serve. Hospice societies are not the same as a hospice facility or residence which provides 24-hour medical care for people with palliative and end-of-life care needs. Only a few hospice societies operate a facility or residence. 

What We Do

Hospice is a free service of care which allows people to live until death, their families to live with them as they are dying and to go on living afterwards....

Creston Valley Hospice Volunteers

Our History

After World War 2, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross found drawings and carvings of butterflies on concentration camp walls. The butterfly symbolizes the transition between life and death, and is used by Hospice Societies worldwide.

As an organization, Hospice was begun by Dr. Cicely Saunders in London, England, during the 1960’s at Saint Christopher’s Hospital (the saint of travelers). Dr Saunders was knighted in 1960 for her work in palliative care.

In 1981 Dr. Helen Hays brought hospice to a hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

In 1987, Dr. William Mitchell-Banks and Rev. Harry Haberstock founded the Creston Valley Hospice Society.

Office Hours

The Creston Valley Hospice Society (CVHS) office and library are located in the Creston Valley Funeral Services Building at 218 Northwest Blvd. Our growing library has a variety of books on hospice, grieving, and palliative care for both adults and children available for loan.

Our CVHS coordinator, Lorraine, will be in the office one morning a week, usually Wednesday. Call ahead to confirm she’s there, or book an appointment at another time: (250) 428-7575.

Upcoming Meetings

Creston Valley Hospice Society is holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on January 18, 2024 at 10:00am at St. Stephen’s Presbyterian church, Creston. Everyone is welcome to attend and join us after the meeting for light refreshments and networking.

Volunteer Meetings are held on the third Thursday in February, April, June, September and November at 10:00 AM at the St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church hall.  

Executive Board Meetings are held on the second Tuesday each month at 10:00 AM at the St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church hall.  There are no meetings in the months of July, August and December

To attend a Volunteer or Executive Board Meeting, please "Contact Us"

Phone: 250-428-7575

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 612

Creston, BC V0B 1G0


Our Business number for tax receipts is: 11887 9535 BW0001


If you would like to make a donation, please click on the Donate button. You will be redirected to Canada Helps.org where you will find our link. If you are making a donation in memory of someone, please make sure to include a message with your donation. Thank You